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ISPP Students
Setting limits on when our digital connections are allowed to intrude on our time can be good for your mental well-being and a great example to our children

Digital technology is wonderful. In the past two years, technology has allowed us to remain connected both to our learning and to our loved ones. In short, technology has transformed our lives in many positive ways and for us educators, it has greatly enhanced learning opportunities for all students. However, technology comes with many responsibilities and a large part of our technology education here at ISPP aims at helping children navigate not just the positive contributions that it brings to their lives, but also how to use it responsibly to avoid increasingly harmful outcomes.

ISPP Students

Teachers often have to deal with upset students who come to us (particularly upper Elementary) because of the results of inappropriate use of technology. As part of our digital citizenship agreement, all the teachers at ISPP (with the support of our tech coach Mr Seth) work with children to develop balance in students’ lives and to use technology appropriately to avoid negative effects. We give regular reminders as to safe technology usage but children are developmentally not ready to have open access to devices. We will be holding parent meetings to support families but in the meantime, please ensure that your child is supervised at all times when using technology and that parents regularly check in with their child’s usage.

The regular conversations that I have had with students finding themselves in a negative situation due to their technology usage have made me reflect on my own relationship with it and how we as adults model this behaviour to our children. Technology can be stressful and for many (myself included) is the ever-present digital connection and constant need to keep checking emails, texts, and social media that accounts for a lot of this stress. For many people, being connected and immersed in the digital world is just a part of everyday life but it will help our children if we all separate ourselves from technology from time to time. While it isn’t always possible or even preferable to completely disconnect, setting limits on when these digital connections are allowed to intrude on your time can be good for your mental well-being and a great example to our children.

ISPP Tech Coach

If you would like to find out more about how to support your child, please contact Mr Seth ( or save up your questions for one of our next Digital Safety workshops. In the meantime, we hope to all work together to support our children and model balanced technology usage.

Liz Ford | Elementary Principal

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